I provide personalized nutrition coaching to individuals and families, specializing in a non-diet approach that looks at the whole picture of health and wellness. I also provide nutrition education and health coaching for organizations looking to expand their corporate wellness programs.

Individual Nutrition Coaching


Research shows that diets don't work, so why do we keep holding out for the one? You know, the one that this time will be different, that'll stick. and that'll magically transform your body into a magazine-version of health and beauty?

If you really want to be able to eat whatever you want and feel better in your body, you need to get in touch with the best expert: YOU!

I can help by hearing you where you are and helping you to tap into your inner expert. Together we'll identify realistic, achievable goals, celebrate milestones and hone strategies for healthy living and eating that will transform you into your BEST SELF.

My approach draws upon training in intuitive eating and yoga, and is first and foremost guided by you. We'll continuously revisit your goals and together work out a roadmap for getting where you want to go.

The thing is, healthy eating doesn't need to be hard, time-consuming or restrictive. But with so many conflicting messages about food and health, many people are confused about what to eat. I often tell clients that I'm more concerned about the how of eating than the what. That means shaking off the stress that so often surrounds eating so that food can be one part of your life, not a driving force.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone call and start your journey to whole health.

Family Nutrition


Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are productive employees. we offer talks, workshops and discounted coaching for companies that want to provide nutrition education and coaching as part of their corporate wellness program.


Set your children up to be successful eaters with down-to-earth guidance on handling picky eating, overeating, and stressful mealtime behaviors. Through grocery tour, pantry makeovers, and easy recipe ideas, we can help you master family meal time.