3 Ways to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Food

In my opinion, you can't really "eat healthy" unless you have a healthy relationship with food. That means letting food be part of your life, not the central focus. And it means that eating should contribute to a positive sense of self, rather than be a source of stress or negativity. Follow these tips to help you foster a healthy relationship with food.

1. Listen to your body: Yoga and other mindfulness practices can help you tune into your body and hear messages about how it feels, how particular foods make it feel, and to recognize and respect the various shades of hunger and fullness.  

2. Challenge the negative thoughts: Food isn’t good or bad, our thinking makes it so. It’s hard to tap into and respect intuitive hunger and fullness cues, as well as what your body needs when you’re challenging yourself with thoughts like “I shouldn’t eat this” or “It’s not good for me.”

3. Eat for enjoyment: Yes, food serves a functional purpose—keeping us alive and thriving—but it’s also something that can bring delight and a sense of community when you’re breaking bread with others. Embrace that.