Health Simplified


Our Mission

The mission of Nutrition Coaching Vermont is to help you feel confident and at peace with the way you eat. Through positive, non-judgmental coaching, we empower you to set achievable goals and live your most healthy life.



We provide personalized nutrition coaching to individuals and families, specializing in an intuitive eating, non-diet approach that looks at the whole picture of health and wellness.


1-on-1 Coaching

If you've struggled with your weight and body image, or are facing a medical issue that could benefit from lifestyle change, we can support you using personalized coaching techniques that meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals. We offer in-person in the Burlington, Vermont and phone or video-coaching for all other locations.


Family nutrition

Set your children up to be successful eaters with down-to-earth guidance on handling picky eating, overeating, and stressful mealtime behaviors. Through grocery tours, pantry makeovers, and easy recipe ideas, we can help you master family meal time.


Talks + Workshops

We deliver talks on a variety of informative, relatable nutrition topics, including:

  • Healthy meal planning for busy professionals
  • Making peace with food and your body
  • Transitioning your baby to solids

Let's Connect

Email: kaj@nutritioncoachingvt.com

Phone: (802)448-0890